Anastrozole 1mg (10 pills)

Anastrozole 1mg (10 pills)


1mg (10 pills) of Anastrozole Generic


Product Description

Anastrozole 1mg (10 pills).

Anastrozole is a selective aromatase inhibitor. Anastrozole in bodybuilding is used absolutely at any level, both in the first year, and hormone replacement therapy. This drug is needed to suppress the process of aromatization – the conversion of male hormones into female hormones.


Adverse effects of Anastrozole 1mg

As with any other drug or drug, anastrozole has a number of possible side effects. First of all, this is an excessive suppression of aromatization. The male body still needs a small amount of female hormones, and an overdose of anastrozole can lead to their complete absence (zero levels of estradiol). That is why observe adequate and recommended dosages of Anastrozole.
Analogues of anastrozole

Quite often you can hear about the format comparisons: “Anastrozole 1mg or tamoxifen“, “anastrozole or proviron”, etc. In practice, such parallels are not entirely correct, since the drugs have different mechanisms of action.

Tamoxifen and clomid are drugs that “turn off” receptors that react to female hormones. The body starts to think that you simply do not have estrogens, while their level can remain quite high. They are applied to PCT after the courses in order not to lose muscle mass. During the time of taking the level of estrogen falls, but by no means thanks to the intake of clomid with tamox.

Anastrozole 1mg does not allow the level of female hormones to rise to a high level, as it blocks the aromatization. That’s why it is also used on the course. This is a completely different mechanism of action.

As for the dispute: “proviron or anastrozole,” then everything is quite simple. Proviron only slightly inhibits aromatase. It is used only because of androgenic activity to improve the effectiveness of anabolic courses. With the tasks of suppressing the aromatization, he can not cope as Anastrozole 1mg does.


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