Androxine 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)

Androxine 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)


10 Ampoules (50mg/ml) of Trenbolone Alpha Pharma


Product Description

Androxine 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml).

Androxine 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml). Androxine is a derivative of testosterone. It promotes muscle growth and the maintenance of normal muscle mass while preventing osteoporosis and increasing the red blood cell count.


Firstly, this injectable steroid has the active ingredient of Trenbolone Suspension which makes it the fastest acting ester of Trenbolone available on the market. This is the perfect steroid for those athletes that are looking for results within minutes of injecting while also only remaining active for a short duration giving more options and control over the daily hormonal levels. Produced by Alpha Pharma, Androxine comes in 10 ampoules with 50mg/ml per ampoule which will keep any athlete at the very top of their performance peak.

Effects: The effects of taking Trenbolone Suspension in bodybuilding can be seen very visibly by users, with some of the most major benefits being:

  • Big gains in lean, dry muscle mass
  • Increased levels of strength and endurance
  • Faster metabolism and fat burning
  • Quicker recovery after workouts
  • Increase libido
  • Higher energy levels throughout the day

Directions For Use: The recommended dosage for Tren Suspension is 25-50mg per day split up equally between 2-3 injections throughout the day using different injections sites. The cycle length that is recommended is between 6-10 weeks depending on the goals of the individual. It can be stacked with other steroids to achieve optimum results in the cycle; however, the dosage may need to be adjusted in that case.

Side Effects: Any side effects will usually only occur if the recommended dosage or cycle length has been exceeded. Some of the side effects that have been noted in the past by some athletes are acne, testicular atrophy, aggressiveness, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia, and hair loss. It is important to plan a proper PCT for the end of the cycle to restore hormonal levels back to their natural state.

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