Clomid 50mg 50mg (10 pills)

Clomid 50mg 50mg (10 pills)


50mg (10 pills) of Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) Cipla

Product Description

Clomid 50mg 50mg (10 pills).

Clomid 50mg is a non-steroidal drug of synthetic origin, classified by its characteristics as an antiestrogen. This drug has received the widest distribution both in medicine and in heavy sports. So, in medical practice, Clomifene is use as a stimulant for ovulation.

Having a partial structural similarity with the hormone estrogen, the anti-estrogen Clomifene Citrate can bind to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus. Due to this there is a large production of gonadotropins FSH and LH, which in turn activates the secretion of the hormone testosterone in the male body and estrogen in the female.


Features of the drug

The main feature of clomid is that it not only fights excess estradiol in the blood by blocking the receptors of this hormone, but also helps restore the level of luteinizing hormone in the body of men. A lyutenizing hormone is the key link in the production of the male body of its own testosterone.

Another interesting distinctive feature of clomid is that under certain conditions it is not an inhibitor, but an activator of estrogen receptors, it all depends on whether a certain cofactor joined simultaneously with clomid to the estrogen receptor. The type of cofactor depends on the type of takna, in other words, in some tissues (hypothalamus, mammary glands) Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) acts as a blocker of estrogen receptors, which is very desirable, in others (bone tissue), as an activator of the same receptors, which is also not superfluous, Helps to avoid osteoporosis.

Clomid can be use throughout the steroid “cycle”, but basically this drug is use at the end of taking steroids. The usual daily dose is one tablet containing 50 mg of active ingredient, in critical cases this dose can be double. For women, taking clomid is limit to a two-week period followed by a break of the same duration, men can take this drug without the slightest pause all the year round.


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