Cut Mix 150 10 ampoules (150mg/ml)

Cut Mix 150 10 ampoules (150mg/ml)


10 ampoules (150mg/ml) of Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) Dragon Pharma


Product Description

Cut Mix 150 10 ampoules (150mg/ml).

Sustanon 250 or Cut Mix 150- An androgenic preparation containing esters of testosterone. Testosterone is necessary for normal growth and development of male genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics. In adult men, it is necessary to maintain libido, general condition, sexual potency, the function of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. When using Sustanon-250, an increase in the concentration of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, androstenedione in blood plasma, as well as a decrease in the level of globulin, which binds sex steroids. In men with primary hypergonadotropic hypogonadism normalization of the level of gonadotropins is noted.

Adverse effects of sustanon:

Like any other form of testosterone, Sustanon or Cut Mix 150 is converted into estrogens. For this reason, Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) causes such side effects as gynecomastia, swelling, fat deposition by the female type and depression of the production of its own testosterone. These side effects can be prevented if you use anti-estrogens – Nolvadex or Clomid.

As a result of a decrease in the production of endogenous testosterone, the development of such a serious side effect of Sustanon, like testicular atrophy, is possible. This side effect can be prevented if you do not do a course of Sustanon longer than 8 weeks and take anti-estrogens. With longer courses, the use of gonadotropin is required.

Acute toxicity of the drug Sustanon-250 at the / m administration is very low. Priapism in men is a symptom of a chronic overdose. In the case of priapism, treatment with Sustanon-250 should be temporarily stopped, and after the disappearance of this symptom resume at lower doses.

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Drug Interactions

Medicines that induce or inhibit enzymes can accordingly reduce or increase the concentration of testosterone. Therefore, dosage and / or interval between injections may need to be adjusted.
Androgens can increase glucose tolerance and reduce the need for insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs in people with diabetes.
High doses of androgens can enhance the action of anticoagulants of the coumarin type, which allows you to reduce the doses of these drugs.


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