Cypoprime 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

Cypoprime 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


10 ampoules (250mg/ml) of Testosterone cypionate Eminence Labs


Product Description

Cypoprime 10 ampoules (250mg/ml).

Testosterone cypionate Cypoprime 10 is one of the longest forms of the basic male hormone. For mass recruitment, this is the “it” itself, especially in combined courses, although, in and of itself, the drug is quite effective.


Features of the drug

Cypionate is one of the longest esters of testosterone Cypoprime 10 available in the current pharmacology market. The period of its action is huge, the drug shows its effects for at least 15 days (usually 15 – 16 days). However, such a record duration of impact leads not only to the pluses, but also to the minuses. In particular, it is known that Testosterone Cypionate, if taken for a long time, causes water retention, moreover, in amounts greater than other esters of testosterone.

Getting into the human body, Testosterone cypionate acts in much the same way as an ordinary male hormone. Those. As a sex hormone, it can affect primary and secondary sexual characteristics. As a result, taking the drug leads to a coarsening of the voice, an increase in sexual desire, muscle growth, and many other effects that are useful, both in sports practice and in medical practice.


Disadvantages of the drug

The main disadvantage of Testosterone Cypionate, as already noted, is its side effects, namely, aromatization, leading to fluid retention in the body, gynecomastia, and some other defects. Coping with aromatization (the process of converting a male hormone into a female hormone estrogen) can help anti-estrogens. Therefore, when planning the course of this anabolic, you must necessarily take care of substances that struggle with aromatization.

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Pros of the drug

If we talk about the advantages that Testosterone Cypionate possesses, it is worth noting that there are many more than minuses. After all, this anabolic contributes to tangible growth and development of muscles with a large retracement after the course, an increase in endurance, strength, and body strength. Cypionate, like any other testosterone, leads to greater immunity, ligaments, joints, bones, and all due to a delay in positive substances in the body.

The pluses can be attributed to the availability of this steroid. Yes, you can not buy Cypionate in retail. But this is not necessary, because it is quite freely sold on the Internet. Having visited a specialized online store, you will certainly find there Testosterone Cypionate, and the drug will be sold at an affordable price, with quality guarantees, convenient and fast delivery. So no difficulties with the order of this anabolic on the Internet should arise.

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Cost of delivery: £20.

Delivery time:  5-17 working days.

Delivery is carried out by Royal mail in all major and small UK cities:

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Belfast, Leicester and others.

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You can choose desired quantity of Cypoprime Eminence Labs 10 ampoules (250mg/ml) (Testosterone cypionate) and submit payment by credit card at the end of checkout process.

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Do we pack the goods safely?

Testosterone cypionate is packed carefully, minimizing the possibility of damage to the products during transportation. If something is broken, then send us a video of opening the parcel, and we will be able to send you a replacement.

What to do if my parcel with Testosterone cypionate is lost?

We offer one free reshipping of any order if it’s lost during shipping or not delivered.


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