Dianabol 20 20mg (100 pills)

Dianabol 20 20mg (100 pills)


20mg (100 pills) of Methandienone oral (Dianabol) Dragon Pharma


Product Description

Dianabol 20 20mg (100 pills).

Methandienone, most commonly known as “Dianabol” is the most famous and popular anabolic steroid for all the years of the existence of doping drugs. Like almost all AAS, Dianabol 20 20mg price is a modified form of testosterone with an altered chemical structure. Thus, we have a powerful steroid, with a weak effect on the androgen receptor, a slightly longer half-life and with a fairly strong anabolic effect. Due to its properties and qualities, “Methane” is actively used in various sports structures, the main field of application is bodybuilding.

Nevertheless, closer to our time, Dianabol appears on the doping markets, and at the moment it occupies a leading position in sales. Dianabol can be purchased on our website, it is widely distributed in the United States and is one of the most powerful drugs. Dragon Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that has existed for many years, has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of sports pharmacology with a low price and good quality.

You can buy Dianabol Oral tablets for amazing results. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, the tablet quickly dissolves, and the pure substance immediately enters the blood. This Dianabol has a very fast start-up period, within a couple of hours after the first intake, you will feel a surge of strength, energy and a frenzied appetite.

Effect and action 

The main effect of the steroid is to build up a large amount of muscle mass in such a short period of time. The course lasts an average of 5 weeks, after the 6th week, the tolerance of the receptors increases, and the drug ceases to have an effect on the body. For a 5-week Dianabol solo course, the expected weight gain can be up to 15kg, from just one course, with good nutrition and proper intake. The drug is also able to increase strength indicators and give a good blood flow to the muscles, which also has a positive effect on the set of high-quality muscles.

Secondary effects of the drug:

– Acceleration of protein synthesis processes;

– Greatly increases the appetite;

– Due to the ability to accumulate calcium, it is able to strengthen the bone skeleton;

– Increases libido and sexual activity during the cycle;

– Reduces the frequency of injuries and joint pain;

– It is a good drug, with also having anti-catabolic properties;

– Supplies the muscles with nitrogen and oxygen by increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood stream.

Various comments about dianabol buy Dragon Pharma are scattered all over the Internet. Reviews are completely different; in particular, athletes share only positive emotions, noting various effects and results. Therefore, you should not expect the same effects from Dianabol as a professional bodybuilder who is using double the dose, as each individual is unique, and the effects of Dianabol can manifest itself in different ways for every user.

The course of Dianabol 

It is important to note that the intake of tablet androgen and anabolic active steroids should be made on an empty stomach. Since any AAS are fat-soluble, and therefore, when taking a steroid with food, part of the substance is digested and does not enter the blood, which reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

In order to build muscle mass, there is a rule here, the more the better. The optimal dosage can vary from 10 to 60mg per day, even 100mg for professionals, but you need to understand that excessive doses can have undesirable consequences. The effect of the drug lasts 3-5 hours, so splitting your dosage between two to three times daily is always recommended. The Dianabol course is accompanied by estrogenic side effects. Therefore, during the course, it is recommended to take aromatase inhibitors to eliminate this kind of ailment.

Dianabol can be combined with other anabolic steroids. For example, when the course is for weight, the drug can be combined with Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone Enanthate, as this is the basic and most effective combination or bulking cycles. It should be noted that although some users take Dianabol with other cutting agents within cutting cycles, to really push their boundaries, but this is not advised, as Dianabol is a bulking agent and can put unnecessary stress on the body if used within cutting cycles.

Side effects 

The ability of Dianabol to aromatize, as a rule, entails a number of negative reactions that can be excluded with a reasonable approach to its reception.

With excessive doses, the risk of gynecomastia is very high. Water retention is also a frequent phenomenon. Since at the end of each course, the collected water goes away, athletes often believe that it is the muscles that disappear and fall into depression. When in fact, it is impossible to keep water; the phenomenon of rollback is not the withdrawal of muscle mass, but simply the elimination of unnecessary fluid in the body and muscles. Another thing is that Dianabol is able to suppress the production of natural testosterone, which at the end of the course of Dianabol can provoke not only problems in sexual activity, but also reduce the pounds gained. Therefore, during each course of Dianabol, testosterone should be used as the base steroid and you need to take Gonadotropin drugs at 500IU per week.

To eliminate estrogenic side reactions, a PCT should be performed, for this you will need Proviron or Clomid as your drugs in this recovery course.


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