Liv.52 100 pills

Liv.52 100 pills


100 pills of Various Herbal Ingredients Himalaya


Product Description

Liv.52 100 pills.

In what situations is the drug recommended?

What helps Liv-52 100?

As a hepatoprotector, the drug protects hepatocytes from damage and promotes their active regeneration. In addition, Liv-52 100 increases the activity of the biosynthetic function of liver cells, inhibits the oxidation of lipid components, protecting the cell membranes from the negative effects of oxidation products on them. The effect of the drug is also directed to the binding of toxins and other harmful substances that enter the body and adversely affect the functions of hepatocytes. The Liv-52 medicine successfully fights stagnant phenomena in the biliary tract, eliminating the phenomena of dyskinesia and normalizing the digestive process while increasing the patient’s appetite. To the above properties of the drug can also add choleretic, antioxidant and easy diuretic effect.


The main indications for the use of Liv-52 Liv.52 100 pills:

Diffusive lesions of the liver (prevention and treatment);
Toxic lesions of hepatocytes;
Fatty degeneration of the liver;
Hepatitis of various origin;
Prevention of liver damage during the period Herbal Ingredients of taking chemically aggressive drugs, for example, antitumor drugs, antibiotics, etc .;
Prevention of liver damage during radiological treatment (irradiation);
Dyskinesia of the bile ducts;
Cholecystitis, cholecystocholangitis;
Paraproteinemia (presence in the blood of functionally inferior proteins);
Anorexia, weight loss in children.


Contraindications to taking the drug

Contraindication to treatment with Liv.52 100 pills is hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug, pregnancy and breast-feeding. The drug is not recommended for children under five years of age.

If during the treatment of Liv-52 100 any allergic manifestations are noted – rashes, itching, skin hyperemia or diarrhea, it is necessary to immediately stop the use of the drug and consult with a doctor about the possibility of continuing the course.


How correctly to take Liv-52 100

Tablets: Adult patients are recommended taking two or three tablets 3-4 times a day. For children from six years, the dosage is one or two tablets also 3-4 times a day. Like all homeopathic remedies Liv-52 take either half an hour before meals, or an hour after it. For the purpose of prevention, it is enough to take the drug twice a day for two tablets.

Liquid: adult patients from 80 to 160 drops of the drug (1-2 teaspoons) take two times a day. Prophylactic dose – 80 drops per day at a time. Children from six years – 10-20 drops twice a day.


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