Max-Drol 10mg (100 pills)

Max-Drol 10mg (100 pills)


10mg (100 pills) of Oxymetholone (Anadrol) Maxtreme


Product Description

Max-Drol 10mg (100 pills).

The drug Oxymetholone (Max-Drol) is the strongest synthetic anabolic-steroid. It can rightfully be called one of the best preparations for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. With a properly organized course and training regimen, you can gain up to 15kg of mass. However, about one-third of the obtained results can be lost due to a rather strong kickback effect. The drug promotes active fluid retention in the body.

Max-Drol Effects

  • It has a noticeable increase in muscle mass.
  • It accelerates strength performance.
  • It improves joint mobility and eliminates pain.
  • It stimulates the production of synovial fluid.
  • It reduces the level of globulin that binds sex hormones. The effect can significantly increase the efficacy of other anabolic and androgenic steroids.

How to take Max-Drol

The maximum length for Max-Drol course is no more than 45 days. If you decide to increase this time, not only will you not get better results, but you can cause serious harm to the body. The drug is effective for the first 21 days and using Max-Drol for more than 45 days can harm liver function. Instead of increasing the duration of the course of Oxymetholone, we recommend switching to a lighter AAS.

You should start the cycle with a daily dose of 50 milligrams and gradually increase it up to 100 milligrams. If you are very experienced in the use of sports pharmaceuticals, then the maximum daily dose of the drug can be increased to 150 milligrams.

Further increasing the amount of the steroid will not improve cycle performance. Two weeks before the end of the course start gradually reducing the dosage until the complete cancellation of the course. Then begin post-cycle therapy with the use of testosterone boosters and anti-estrogenic drugs.

Because Max-Drol actively retains fluid in the body don’t use it immediately before a sports event. You will still need to dry off after the course of Max-Drol to bring your body to a normal appearance. We do not recommend men under the age of 21 or females to use this product.

Max-Drol and its combinations with other AAS

You can get the most out of the drug provided your course is properly composed. We have already said that the daily dosages of Oxymetholone are in the range of 50 milligrams to 0.15 grams. We do not recommend women to use the drug but if you do, do not exceed the dose of 50 milligrams.

Deca and Max-Drol can be quite effective in a combination. In addition, athletes often use combinations of Oxymetholone with Testosterone. Professional athletes often promote on their courses the three-drug combination: Oxymetholone – 100mg per day, Trenbolone – 100mg every other day, and Sustanon – 750mg per week. This approach will help you to effectively increase the strength parameters and gain muscle mass of good quality.

Max-Drol may suit athletes who have problems with joints. A proper course of Max-Drol can accelerate the synthesis of synovial fluid, which as a result will increase the performance of the joints and relieve pain.

Max-Drol: Contraindications and Side Effects

Any steroid can be indispensable to an athlete when used correctly. But all of these drugs are also associated with side effects that can cause serious damage to your health. We have already mentioned the danger that Max-Drol poses to the liver when used for a long time.

In addition, high doses can lead to adenoma of the prostate. If a woman is diagnosed with a tumor of the mammary glands, Oxymetholone must not be taken under any pretext. Incorrect use of this drug may disrupt the digestive system, increase blood pressure, cause virilization (in females) and reduce the quality of seminal fluid.


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