Promifen 50mg (50 pills)

Promifen 50mg (50 pills)


50mg (50 pills) of Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) Alpha Pharma

Product Description

Promifen 50mg (50 pills).

If you decide to take AAS, you  understand that the production of male hormones will be noticeably reduce even if the course is short and easy. If the course is the longest, then the side effects will be appropriate. In order to keep the hormonal background in a normal state and avoid an unpleasant side effects, it is necessary to take antiestrogens, which include the drug Promifen 50mg (Clomid).



Promifen in terms of its chemical composition and properties universal bodybuilding course resembles estrogens, affects the receptors of estrogens in the ovaries and the pituitary gland and causes a surge of activity of the releasing hormones (luteinizing and follicle-stimulating homon). This reaction in turn affects the increase in testosterone levels.

Clomid prevents the occurrence of side effects caused by estrogens – in particular, gynecomastia (breast augmentation by female type). Admission Promifen after anabolic courses is extremely important for the regulation of internal hormonal processes.


The duration of Clomid administration is 7-10 days, the maximum is 2 weeks. To use Promifen as a preparation of post-course therapy (PCT), athletes usually start 7-10 days after taking anabolic drugs.

The recommended dose is 50-100 mg per day (this is 1-2 tablets). It is better to take Clomid once a day after a meal, washing down with water. If the reception begins with 100 mg per day, after five days of the course it is better to reduce the dose to 50 mg. Since Promifen contributes to the production real dianabol for sale of natural testosterone, the drug is used with maximum caution – without exceeding the recommended dosages.


In some cases Clomid is not used after, but directly during the anabolic course – this approach is appropriate when the courses have a long duration.


Clomid is contraindicated in renal or hepatic insufficiency, tumors or hypofunction (excessive activity) of the pituitary gland, individual intolerance of the substances making up the drug.

Excess dose can cause headache, insomnia, nausea, slowing of motor or mental reactions. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur.

Clomid is an affordable and relatively safe drug necessary for restorative therapy after anabolic courses.

What will be the effect of taking Promifen 50mg Clomid?

When taking the drug Promifen, the following positive effects will appear:

  1. Increasing the amount of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone);
  2.  Stimulating the natural production of testosterone;
  3. Stopping the production of estrogen;
  4. Increased sexual desire;
  5. Stabilization of the central nervous system, hormonal background and general physical well-being;
  6. Reduction of the phenomenon of rollback, characteristic of the completion of the course of taking steroid drugs;
  7. Relief of side effects associate with taking steroids.

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Side effects

Promifen does not have an adverse effect on the liver; it does not include harmful flavors. Studies have shown that there is no side effect of Clomid, for this reason, you do not need to consult a doctor for advice. The drug is freely available for sale and does not cause harm to health.

Recommendations for the use of the Promifen 50mg  drug

There are some recommendations regarding taking the drug Promifen:

  • Taking the drug begins after the end of the course of using steroids, as well as after the final elimination of other drugs from the body.
  • The dosage of Promifen is calculated individually, based on the complexity and severity of the previous course of steroids.
  •  It is recommended to take 100 milligrams daily in the first week, 50 milligrams in the second, and 25 milligrams during the final two weeks of the course.

After taking Promifen, the testosterone level will return to its natural state. To control this indicator, it is necessary to pass tests before taking AAS, after the course and after taking anti-estrogens.

Customer reviews

Nowadays, the drug Clomid is rather popular among athletes, including professional athletes and bodybuilders. Each of them knows perfectly well that it is very difficult to recover after the use of hormonal drugs, if antiestrogens have not been used. Every athlete confirms that the drug has a positive effect, which affects not only the level of testosterone, but also the emotional state of the patient. Promifen allows you to minimize the negative consequences of taking steroids, as well as provoke muscle growth and an increase in strength indicators.

What about Clomid for men?

Athletes frequently utilize anti-estrogens to boost the effectiveness of training with androgenic-anabolic steroids. Because the endocrine glands reduce testosterone production following a course of steroids, the benefits of antiestrogens are difficult to overstate. This occurs for the straightforward reason that the need for further explanation vanishes if the hormone enters the body from the outside. The “hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian” arc is hence getting less and less active. Additionally, testosterone production decreases the longer an athlete uses steroids. It is crucial that the intake of prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone determine the rate at which their own glands’ activity declines. The activity of the endocrine glands will change if the amount of one of these hormones surpasses a specific value.

How does Promifen work?

Many athletes who have taken a course of steroids are attempting to raise their testosterone levels through the use of herbal infusions, nutritional supplements, and other questionable methods. When the level of FSH and LH hormones in the body is almost zero, after the course, this should not be done. And the level of testosterone secretion is determined by these hormones.
FSH and LH production are impacted by pomifen.
He also has a connection to estrogen receptors.
Therefore, even if large quantities of estrogen have been found in an athlete’s blood, they shouldn’t be alarmed because the hormone is inactive.
LH and FSH levels swiftly reach their maximum during the first several days of taking Promifen, simultaneously raising the level.

How to take Promifen after the course

Clomid for sale dosage depends on what was passed course of steroids. The more drugs taken and the greater were their dosage, the longer will it take to ensure that bring the body back to normal.

In general, the dosage regimen is as follows:

  • after a very severe course – 3 * 150 12 * 100 15 * 50 15 * 25;
  • after a long course – 15 * 100 15 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after the middle of the course – 30 * 50, 15 * 25;
  • after an easy course -15 * 50, 15 * 25, 15 * 25 (one every 2 days)
  • after a very easy course – 15 * 50, 15 * 25.

The first digit represents the number of days during which the drug should be taken. The second digit, which goes behind the asterisk – the recommended dosage of the drug. For example, 15 * 100/15 * 50 will mean that the Promifen should be taken within 15 days of 100 mg, and then another 15 days has 50 mg.


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