Singanitropin 10 vials of 10IU

Singanitropin 10 vials of 10IU


10 vials of 10IU of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) SINGANI PHARMA


Product Description

Singanitropin 10 vials of 10IU.

Singanitropin contains the active substance Somatropin which is also known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is extremely famous in sports because the active components of the drug contribute to the acceleration of regeneration processes, which is important, especially for those who focus on training. Of course, the number of muscle fibers located in the muscles is predetermined hereditarily, but their thickness directly depends on the intensity of training and their frequency. The thicker the muscle fiber becomes, the greater the volume of the musculature.

Many athletes choose HGH because it not only helps to increase muscle fibers, but also takes part in the formation of new muscle cells. Without this drug, it is almost impossible to achieve an increase in muscle volume due to muscle fibers. And the growth of new cells will not disappear even after the end of the course. In other words, the drug, which is actively sold in online stores of sports pharmacology, allows you to not only to build up muscles, but also to increase strength indicators.

Another beneficial effect associated with taking Somatropin is the ability to regenerate cartilage, even for many who believed that their cartilage was beyond repair. It should also be noted that taking the drug in the recommended dosage can help you to lose weight and, if you follow a high-calorie diet, build muscle mass.

The effect of taking HGH

Before making the final decision about purchasing this drug, you should examine the effects that can be achieved by taking the recommended dose. This growth hormone allows an athlete to achieve:

• Rapid burning of fat cells by accelerating regeneration processes;
• Increased endurance and increased activity during training of increased intensity;
• Increased libido;
• Increased tone;
• Improving mood and improving general well-being;
• Stimulation of regeneration processes.

In some athletes taking the drug, there is also an increase in mental performance.

Recommendations for taking Somatropin

Dilute the contents of 1 vial with 1ml of sterilized water. Do not shake the vial.
To achieve the desired effects listed above, it is necessary to take Somatropin at no more than 5-10 IU (0.5-1 vial) per day within 2-3 months.

Side effects

If, for some reason, the user has made an independent decision to increase the dose of intake or to increase the duration of the course, then the following side effects can be expected:

• Decreased blood plasma levels;
• Decrease in glucose levels;
• The onset of acromegaly in people suffering from hyper-function of the gonads;
• Elongation, growth and thickening of bone tissue. Perhaps an increase in feet, hands and overgrowth of the cartilaginous tissues of the lower jaw and nose;
• In some cases, overdose can cause overgrowth of internal organs.

Reviews of HGH

Despite the relatively low cost of the drug, many athletes note an increase in mood, an increase in efficiency and endurance. Athletes also report that the drug works best in combination with testosterone. Subject to the recommended dosage, the drug practically does not cause side effects. Some people report insomnia due to increased activity, so they recommend taking the drug in the afternoon.



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